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Documentation for Breezy

Questions and Answers

The Questions for Breezy page is a service hosted on Launchpad.

It provides a web-oriented 'forum' environment to ask questions about the installation and use of Breezy. You will need a Launchpad account to be able to login and pose a question, but it may be that your question has been asked and answered already: you can search and browse previous questions without login.

Internet Relay Chat

Breezy developers and users can often found in on Matrix. There is also a #bzr IRC channel on, which is for the Bazaar project but where Breezy is also often discussed.

Mailing lists

  • Bazaar Users/Developers: Bazaar has a subscribe-to-post mailing list available, that we also use for breezy. More information can be found on the bazaar mailing list. This list is available via gmane and in web archives. The list can also be read through the gmane archive service.
  • Breezy-Specific There is a also Breezy-specific subscribe-to-post mailing list. More information can be found on the breezy mailing list.
  • Release Announcements: Breezy uses has the Bazaar low volume mailing list that only lists releases. More information can be found on the Bazaar release list.

Issue Tracking and Development

The Breezy bug tracker is in Launchpad. Bugs and requests for improvements are registered and tracked there.

For information on contributing to development, see development.

Joining in

New people are always welcome so please feel free to make as much, or as little, contribution as you wish. Our goal is to make Breezy the VCS that people LOVE to use: learning, making friends and having fun along the way! Of course, developers are very welcome but helping others use Breezy (IRC, mailing lists, translating docs, etc.) and spreading the word about what we're doing (word of mouth, conferences, blogs, etc.) are equally important: