Hello internet,

We have been doing some hacking on Bazaar we've been hoping to get around to for a while.

Part of that work is a port of Bazaar and plugins to Python 3, still in progress. Python 2 maintenance is set to end in 2020, and the codebase can be improved now by removing old compatibility logic.

To let us work on these big changes, make it easier for others to contribute, and allow the bundling of existing plugins, we'd also like to avoid the need for a contributor licence agreement.

For that to happen, we are planning a friendly fork, under the new name Breezy, with brz as the tool name. The aim is to be format and command-line compatible, by allowing aliasing to the existing names.

See work in progress code at the brz project on launchpad.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and patches, to the Bazaar mailing list or in private.

Jelmer and Martin