Revision Properties

Bazaar repositories support setting of a key/value pairs for each revision. Applications can use these properties to store additional information about the revision.


In general, revision properties are set by passing keyword argument revprops to method MutableTree.commit. For example:

properties = {}
properties['my-property'] = 'test'
tree.commit(message, revprops=properties)

Properties can be retrieved via the attribute properties of instances of the class Revision:

if 'my-property' in
    my_property =['my-property']

Well-known properties

At the moment, three standardized revision properties are recognized and used by breezy:

  • authors - Authors of the change. This value is a “\n” separated set of values in the same format as the committer-id. This property can be set by passing a list to the keyword argument authors of the function MutableTree.commit.

  • author - Single author of the change. This property is deprecated in favour of authors. It should no longer be set by any code, but will still be read. It is ignored if authors is set in the same revision.

  • branch-nick - Nickname of the branch. This can be specified by the user, but it defaults to the colocated branch name or the branch’s directory name. The value is set automatically in MutableTree.commit.

  • bugs - A list of bug URLs and their statuses. The list is separated by the new-line character (\n) and each entry is in format ‘<URL> <status>’. Currently, breezy uses only status ‘fixed’. See Bug Trackers for more details about using this feature.